249. keep on going

This is the time when i realised I’ve been blessed. Everything seems to be following the track, according to plans. From personal to work, from 2017 till now, 2018. Keep on moving, never give up. Life has been a challenge for me, i chose not to stay down.

Been busy with work, I don’t really have much time on social media, kinda waste of time anyway. Seriously, I don’t make any money complaining things on social media. Let the current business run on its own, autopilot while trying to find another business to secure my future.

First thing’s first, been meeting up with few friends trying to venture on to a new business. Maybe it’s not the time yet, for the time being I just need to improve on my self-development skills. Maybe I’m good at services typed business instead of going into corporate world, but who knows what might lies ahead of me, fingers crossed. Ideas and suggestions keep on coming, just that I’m still wondering on which would be the best for me.

The important asset of a business are employees, even I couldn’t be more thankful to have a few loyal employees to help me around. Problems that I’ve been facing before are no longer an issue for me this time around. It’s true of what people have been saying, it’s going to take years to get a good people to work around with you, willing to help you build your own reputation. Thus giving a customer’s satisfaction of the services that you’ve provided.

Opportunities doesn’t come if you don’t find one. Last year was a restart, this year is to keep on going. Doing the very best you could in which I did.

Oh yea, I’ve just finished watching Manchester City vs Manchester United, in which The Red Devils came out on top. While i took a nap earlier, I’m still up fresh now. Been missing my blog thus I just wanna make an update.

Keep the customer’s trust with my business, that’s what I taught my employees. They’re a good listener, and truly they work sincerely. Maybe they like me i bet 😝 first quote is from my employees while the second quote is from my clients 😁

Okay, time to hit the bed. There’s no street feeding at Masjid Jamek today so it’s a day off today. Gonna wake up late and enjoy my life 😁


248. new lease of life

Been really busy with work for the past few months, thus the lack of update to my blog post 😁
First of all, I’ve joined a voluntary group by the name of Unggas, actively involved in helping the less fortunate people in our societies today. I’ve been joining them in contributing food and clothes to the homeless every sunday at Masjid Jamek and the homeless shelter (Pusat Transit Gelandangan). There, I’ve seen the less fortunate people almost every week. People from every walk of life. I’m grateful and thankful to be given a better life than them. We’ll never appreciate what we have in life until we’ve seen them. 


And I’ve been visiting a single mum’s house as well as orphanage home in Pandan Jaya. Teenagers as early as 9 years old getting pregnant after being raped by their partners, some even said they willingly having sex with their partners, being dumped by their families/partners as well as teenagers leaving their infant at the home after giving birth. Sad case, youngsters nowadays would do anything without knowing their limits, doing all those things even before marriage. Can you imagine a 9 years old kid has already giving birth? Having a baby at such a young age? And her partner doesn’t want to be responsible while her parents doesn’t want her either, they said she’s a disgrace to her family? Ended up her parents dumped her at this house. Such a pity, it could be prevented on the first place.

Not forgetting orphanages, earlier this month i was given an opportunity to make a contribution to an orphanage home in Keramat. Back To School contribution, said Mummy Sara. And so i prepared a stationery sets for the kids before getting back to school next month. Glad i could make a contribution as well. Thanks to Mummy Sara, we met with Ustaz Zahari to hand over the contributions.

I’ve been standing tall at the top of the mountain, I’ve fall to the bottom of a pit. I’ve had some good and bad experiences in life, here I am still alive and kicking 😁

Last month, had my car broke down by the roadside, only to realise my car battery went dead. I couldn’t start my car right after stopping in a traffic jam in the middle of KL city centre. Glad I was nearby a car parts shop. Didn’t realise the battery has been serving me for 3 and a half year. Normally a car battery would be gone by 2 years time. πŸ˜‚ Managed to ask the guy to change my car battery by the roadside, just a walking distance from his shop.

Old battery

New battery

Pakailah bateri Century, tahan lama! πŸ˜‚ ok this is not a paid review, just an honest statement 😁

Last but not least, that time of the year when I feel appreciated from everyone being on my side all the time. Straight 2 weeks celebration although i was a bit busy, and couldn’t attend certain people on time. Really sorry, as well as thanks a million for all the warm wishes from everyone. Love you guys 😘

Make everyone around you happy, and you will be definitely happy in return. We live once in our life time, make it to be remembered our whole entire life. Spread love around. Eh eh I’ve been talking too much pulak hahaha… Till the next update 😘

247. up from down

Life couldn’t be any better than now. That’s how we learn and gain experience in life. Well, there’s nothing much to talk about. Everything comes from people surrounding us. Those who support us, motivates us played a major role on how we are doing today. I couldn’t complain much, i’m blessed with everything i have currently. Work-life balance i mean.

Just an article i wanted to share with my reader(s), a good read which i believe, click here. My own experience i had before. Everything starts from nothing. As long as i keep my head’s down, i believe life has much more to offer me in return.

A loss is not a loss, He wants to give something better 😊

Enough rest given, time to start all over again. I’m not a quitter

And my mood currently is the song by Avicii ft. Rita Ora – Lonely Together

Enjoy the video music below 😍

245. raya crap

Well, raya is over. Hope it’s not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin. Wow what a month i had. Been busy with work, since it’s a submission month for limkokwing’s students. It was busy till the very last day of ramadan. Final week, 20th June was my dad’s 71st birthday. Couldn’t celebrate as dad was due for a medical check up on that week. So i was at home alone for the final week of ramadan. The day after i was caught with cold, and i’m still recovering until now.

Dad only came back on raya eve. Can see he’s having a mental weakness as he forgot names, and things he has done. All i care is about him nowadays as he’s getting old, yet stubborn as i told him to stay at home but he refused. Yeah he’s been very active since he was young so i couldn’t stop him from doing things he wants to do. As the eldest son, it comes naturally when you concern the most about your parents. Anyway i’m glad that mom has recovered from her thyroid problem as she doesn’t need an operation. As they are staying together with me, i need to keep an eye on them.

As for work, i’m glad to have two assistants to help with my work. I’m thankful as they help me a lot to handle all the works. One of them even can travel to places meeting up with clients as well as suppliers to cover up my work, oh yes she loves to drive my car. Glad she knows how to drive a manual car, even ask me to teach her an advance and defensive driving techniques. Lol i’m not good either. Both of them have been working for 6 months and i hope they could stay longer as i’m planning to set up a new business soon.

Somehow rather i believe God has his own plan for each and every one of us. I’ve been reading tafseer a lot to understand more about life. Certainly Al-Quran is our greatest guide in life. I’m not a Saint, i’ve been doing mistakes as well. I’m not trying to become a holy man as well, just to become a better person than who i was yesterday. Patience is the key to all the great things in life. Trust me. I’ve been down in the deepest pit, i’ve been up on top of the world, and right now is to do all the right things in life, to return back what life has given to me before.

My life is not about money at all, not anymore. I’ve earnt my whole entire life. I have a car to travel around, i have a house to live in, a pair of clothes to wear on, yes i’m blessed. It’s time to return back what i’ve been given from the Almighty Allah. Been planning with a friend to contribute to orphanage as well as homeless peoples and old folk’s home on regular basis. Soon, hopefully. It’s already planned. Everything came out of sudden, indeed a year can change one person a lot. Hopefully with God’s will, it can be started soon. When i feel like my life has come with a purpose. This time last year i was lost, searching for myself trying to get up but now i found myself again, the person that i was before. Enjoying every moment of my life.

Thank you for reading my raya crap. Hope you guys have an enjoyable weekends. Wow it’s already 5:30 in the morning 😱😱😱

244. life is a bless

Wow i didn’t realize i’ve left this blog for so long. Just being myself, busy as usual. Here comes ramadhan kareem again, and i’m getting older day by day. Hair is turning grey as well πŸ˜‚ 

Oh well, i’ve been attending a regular facial session (who says guy can’t do facial, huh?) for the past 6 months, and i’ve been noticing the result, my face is getting better and better. Flawless, yeah! πŸ˜› still remember the first time i went for the session, aunt who did my face told me to give her at least a year time to see the improvement which i did notice now. Aunt Gee (that’s what she wants me to call her) is such a lovely lady, even treated me like her own son. I feel so much appreciated 😍 even we hang out together for drinks, best part is she tries to introduce all the single ladies that has been attending her sessions lol! All doubts disappeared once after she told me she used to work with MAS, she was a stewardess before, no wonder she looks pretty till now on her late 50’s. Not forgetting my 2 female friends (they’ve been accompanying me for the sessions so far) recommending some supplementary facial products which helps me to improve my facial skin. See, i’m not trying to become a model, just in need for a fresher skin, been wanting to do for so long till i found a friend with a same interest. Seriously good friends are hard to come by nowadays, mostly with hidden agendas only. 

Work, as usual. I couldn’t be more thankful to Allah instead of complaining, if it’s not because of the pains that i’ve been through before, i wouldn’t be more appreciative as to what i’ve been given now. Life is such a bless. If only i should have seen everything clearly before. Life is not about money, seriously! I’ve been in that stage before when money was everything. Of all HE has given to me, is what i should give back in return. One thing is in my mind currently, do good and good will come back to you. Not today, not tomorrow, eventually it’ll come back to you. I just have to keep my faith and never stop believing. As i grow old, i observe more, let my action do the talking. It’s time for me to get nearer to Allah S.W.T. Al-Quran is my guidance, trying to understand the tafseer instead of just reading it. Couldn’t be more thankful to my dad for giving me as a present back since i was 6 or 7 years old. And i still keep and reading it. The only thing is the cover starting to peel off, as i need to re-bind the Quran back.

Mom and dad has been going in and out of the hospital as they are getting old, few days ago was a huge relief when the doctor said that my mom’s physical condition has improved, she doesn’t require to be sent to the operation room for her thyroid problem, It was bad back then, mom losing her weight so much as she doesn’t have an appetite to eat. While dad is still complaining about his leg pains, affecting his nerve connected directly to his spine. Coming 20th June is his 71st birthday, happy that he is still going strong. My only hope right now is to have them both as long as possible as i don’t have anybody else in this world. I turned blank lately as few of my friend’s parents passed away. My parents are my greatest influence in my life, i am just a nobody without them. I would rather die than seeing them suffer on the first place because of me. Period!

Life has been up and down, i just need to keep my level of concentration high. Being patience, being humble. Life experience has taught me everything. Without it, i was lost in meaningless life. I’m not a saint either, just trying to be a better person than who i was yesterday.

With regards, the guy who is chasing his dreams trying not to become an average guy. Over and out!

Appreciate every small details happened in your life, to be thankful in everything

243. drivin’

Finally i have some time to update my blog, been busy for the past few weeks. Work, hanging out with some good company and the highlight that i wanted to tell, drive.

Last week, i went to Fraser’s Hill with few drive kaki’s. Can’t remember when was my last visit there, few years back i guess. The route was the same, except for some new buildings up there. Weather was just nice. Unlike Genting Highlands, Fraser’s Hill brings you closer to the nature and a breathe of fresh air. Still opt for B-road instead of highway, from Batu Caves towards Ulu Yam, Kuala Kubu Bharu and heading towards Fraser’s Hill. Distance covered was 190km including drive up to Gohtong Jaya, Genting for our lunch. Enjoy some of the photos i managed to snap while driving 😁

Woke up at 5.30 am sunday morning, push off at 7 am. Here we were at Selayang town towards Ulu Yam. There were few other rempit kaki’s as well.

G-force kicking in 😁 High speed downhill somewhere around Ulu Yam. Cold weather as there were still fog covering some parts of the road

When the sun started to rise, we were almost halfway reaching Ulu Yam town.

Reaching Ulu Yam town.

Narrow and winding road of Kuala Kubu Bharu before reaching the dam.

Kuala Kubu Bharu heading towards the dam. Need to be on high concentration as there were cyclists by the road side as well as chasing time to reach the hilltop. I was the pace-setter as i led the convoy.

Reached Bukit Gap, almost 9 am. Tiring drive as i was saying earlier, the road was narrow with tight corners, didn’t snap any photos as i need to be alert on roadside cyclists as well as oncoming traffic.

Reached the top around 9.30 am, had a breakfast and a chat with my friends while enjoying the weather and nice view.

Old English house at the top.

Flowers are everywhere, cold weather.

20 degrees celcius.

Sigh, teabag only 😓

Rempit cars. At one part of the route, i got so excited that i skidded while exiting a tight corner. Glad i never switch off the traction control, else my car would have spun 😁

Fraser’s Hill landmark, the clock tower.

This is Fraser’s Hill!

Kuala Kubu Bharu dam.

That’s all for now. Next round, Bukit Tinggi will be waiting for us 😍