244. life is a bless

Wow i didn’t realize i’ve left this blog for so long. Just being myself, busy as usual. Here comes ramadhan kareem again, and i’m getting older day by day. Hair is turning grey as well 😂 

Oh well, i’ve been attending a regular facial session (who says guy can’t do facial, huh?) for the past 6 months, and i’ve been noticing the result, my face is getting better and better. Flawless, yeah! 😛 still remember the first time i went for the session, aunt who did my face told me to give her at least a year time to see the improvement which i did notice now. Aunt Gee (that’s what she wants me to call her) is such a lovely lady, even treated me like her own son. I feel so much appreciated 😍 even we hang out together for drinks, best part is she tries to introduce all the single ladies that has been attending her sessions lol! All doubts disappeared once after she told me she used to work with MAS, she was a stewardess before, no wonder she looks pretty till now on her late 50’s. Not forgetting my 2 female friends (they’ve been accompanying me for the sessions so far) recommending some supplementary facial products which helps me to improve my facial skin. See, i’m not trying to become a model, just in need for a fresher skin, been wanting to do for so long till i found a friend with a same interest. Seriously good friends are hard to come by nowadays, mostly with hidden agendas only. 

Work, as usual. I couldn’t be more thankful to Allah instead of complaining, if it’s not because of the pains that i’ve been through before, i wouldn’t be more appreciative as to what i’ve been given now. Life is such a bless. If only i should have seen everything clearly before. Life is not about money, seriously! I’ve been in that stage before when money was everything. Of all HE has given to me, is what i should give back in return. One thing is in my mind currently, do good and good will come back to you. Not today, not tomorrow, eventually it’ll come back to you. I just have to keep my faith and never stop believing. As i grow old, i observe more, let my action do the talking. It’s time for me to get nearer to Allah S.W.T. Al-Quran is my guidance, trying to understand the tafseer instead of just reading it. Couldn’t be more thankful to my dad for giving me as a present back since i was 6 or 7 years old. And i still keep and reading it. The only thing is the cover starting to peel off, as i need to re-bind the Quran back.

Mom and dad has been going in and out of the hospital as they are getting old, few days ago was a huge relief when the doctor said that my mom’s physical condition has improved, she doesn’t require to be sent to the operation room for her thyroid problem, It was bad back then, mom losing her weight so much as she doesn’t have an appetite to eat. While dad is still complaining about his leg pains, affecting his nerve connected directly to his spine. Coming 20th June is his 71st birthday, happy that he is still going strong. My only hope right now is to have them both as long as possible as i don’t have anybody else in this world. I turned blank lately as few of my friend’s parents passed away. My parents are my greatest influence in my life, i am just a nobody without them. I would rather die than seeing them suffer on the first place because of me. Period!

Life has been up and down, i just need to keep my level of concentration high. Being patience, being humble. Life experience has taught me everything. Without it, i was lost in meaningless life. I’m not a saint either, just trying to be a better person than who i was yesterday.

With regards, the guy who is chasing his dreams trying not to become an average guy. Over and out!

Appreciate every small details happened in your life, to be thankful in everything


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